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Ocean Springs • MS

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We love cocktails in the south. It is said that New Orleans is where we get the term cocktail. Some have speculated that Antoine Amédée Peychaud who owned an apothecary in the Quarter, and created the famous bitters which bear his name, served brandy with bitters in eggcups. The French word for eggcups is coquetier (which should sound like cocktay in English). Given New Orleans’ penchant for malapropisms it should come as little surprise that the term cocktail was born there.


Here at 11 we pay homage to the long tradition of southern cocktail consumption. Our Mississippi Punch, as an example, is an old school drink not meant to pour straight down your gullet by the quart, but rather a supremely smooth slow sipper that, somehow, doesn't taste like it's all firewater. And while we love tradition, we are not above subverting it either. Our Broken Julep winks at their cousin the Mint Julep but adds citrus and ginger to make a completely different, yet still delicious cocktail perfect for any time of year.


11 captures the indefinable essence of downtown Ocean Springs, providing an approachably unique and memorable experience. In every detail you’ll see a kind of modern sophistication that is neither overly stuffy nor frivolously ornate, leaving an impression to last. We are subtle chic in a modern uptake of the classic southern bar. 

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